Customized Decorations


We are proud to offer customers many ways to specialize their cake!

Please keep in mind our hard working cake decorators take extra time to make your cake special and that means many designs will have a decorators fee associated!

If you see a photo here on the website that you love, give us a call and one of our counter associates can take your order. Simply ask for it by the title beneath the picture. Every cake we make is one of a kind, so let us know if there are details you want included.


Customary - no extra charge

Flowers - hand drawn in buttercream. The choice in flower is at the decorators’ discretion, if you have a special flower or theme in mind they can use that to guide them. Some ideas are, pastels, summer flowers, pinks, blues, small, large. Looking for a cake completely covered in flowers? Keep in mind; this will be an extra charge!

Piping - a decorative frosting edge added to the top of the cake

Sprinkles - we have a large selection of sprinkles, and you can add them anyway you like!

Balloons - hand drawn in buttercream to make a festive birthday cake

Inscription - We are always happy to add a message to your cake, you can order ahead or come in and get a cake written on today! This can be added to any cake for no extra charge

Buttercream ribbons - our decorators can wrap a flat butter cream ribbon around your cake for an elegant look, this can be combined with flowers, balloons etc


Specialized - decorators fee applies


Rosettes - The whole surface of the cake is covered in swirled flowers similar to a simple, flat rose

Polka Dots - hand drawn polka dots on top of the cake. You can request color groups, but not color matching.

Ombre - the frosting on your cake has graded hues of a single color

Textured cakes - you can ask for a special texture to your cake, smooth, rustic

Religious- we can draw a simple religious symbol on top of your cake to celebrate any special occasion.

Extra Flowers - An extra fee applies if you want your cake completely covered, or want a lot of flowers on the side

Dying Buttercream -- We charge a fee per color of your choice if you want to dye the frosting of your cake

Toppers - We have a large selection of toppers that our counter associates are happy to show you. you can also bring your own topper and we will gladly decorate your cake to match the theme with grass or borders etc. 

French Dots - A classic design

The photos below are examples of cakes we have done before to help guide you through the various decorating options we offer, Please use this as a guide when placing your order over the phone or in stores. No need to send the photo, our experienced counter staff will know what you need from the title!