Located in Park Slope, Ladybird Bakery has been providing goodies for 23 years


Our History

Since 1992, Ladybird Bakery (formerly known as Two Little Red Hens) has been delighting Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood with delicious, American-style baked treats. Owner Mary Louise Clemens brings a warm, Southern sensibility to her classic recipes.

Over the years, Ladybird has grown famous for its decadent Brooklyn Blackout, addictive Red Velvet, and its range of holiday pies and tarts. Early-risers have been indulging in our fresh-baked muffins and scones. 







1112 8th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11215



M-F 7a-7p
Sa 8a-7p
Su 8a-5p

Specialty Cake Menu

These are the cakes we have honed to perfection! Order ahead or come in and pick one up today! 

Brooklyn Blackout – A three level dark chocolate cake, layered with chocolate pudding, frosted with fudge and finished with chocolate cake crumbs. Our best selling cake!

Brooklyn Cream – Yellow butter cake layered with rich pastry cream and covered in a chocolate glaze. Super Creamy!

Red Velvet – A rich buttery cake with a bold red color and a touch of cocoa. It's filled and frosted with a cream cheese frosting.

Carrot Cake – A classic in any sense, our carrot cake with walnuts and a cream cheese frosting is guaranteed to please any crowd.

Spring/Summer Cakes:

Strawberry Blossom – A rich Pink Velvet cake with a homemade strawberry filling and a strawberry cream cheese frosting. A fresh twist on the classic Red Velvet.

Lemon Cloud – Lemon cake layered with a homemade lemon curd, frosted with lemon butter cream and decorated with daisies.

Strawberry Shortcake – A delicious classic, featuring simple buttery cake, homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries. What else do you need?

Old Fashioned Coconut Cake – A traditional American coconut layer cake covered and filled with a gooey coconut frosting.

Coconut Angel Food – Vanilla angel food cake frosted with a sweet marshmallow whipped cream frosting just as light as the cake, and covered with coconut shavings.

Chocolate Angel Food – Chocolate angel food filled and frosted with chocolate whipped cream and covered with chocolate cake crumbs. It has been called chocolate milk for adults.

 Lara’s Fantasy – Named for its creator, this plain angel food cake is filled with key lime custard and fresh strawberries. The outside is covered in a fanciful pink whipped cream.

Fall/Winter Cakes

Almond Princess – Rich almond cake filled with lingonberry jam, covered with almond buttercream and a white chocolate glaze.

*Black Forest – Chocolate Genoise soaked with Kirsch, layered with whipped cream and sour cherries. Frosted with whipped cream and covered with chocolate shavings on the sides and sweet black cherries on top.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – Mocha chiffon surrounds a rich chocolate raspberry truffle center. Glazed with chocolate and decorated with butter cream raspberries.

*Hazelnut Velvet – Hazelnut genoise cake soaked with rum and crème de cocoa filled with a hazelnut ganache and frosted with a praline butter cream. A geometric design of cocoa tops this masterpiece.

German Chocolate- This cake is very rich and consists of three layers of moist chocolate cake with a rich, sweet, gooey chocolate flavored frosting, laced with gooey coconut in between.

*Contains alcohol

*Please note that the availability of some cakes depends on season and size.

Custom Cake Menu

You know what you like! Create your own delicious cake from the menu below

Call or come in today to discuss your cake dreams with us!

Custom cakes require 36 to 48 hours to complete

Breakfast at Ladybird

We make a wide variety of delicious breakfast treats. On weekdays you can come in and pick out a muffin or scone and on weekends we offer croissants and cinnamon buns as well! Come in today to find your new ladybird favorite!

Feeding a Crowd?

You can always call ahead to order a breakfast selection to make any meeting or brunch extra fine! We accept breakfast orders as late as the day before. All orders must be a minimum of 12 of any time of muffin or scone. Mini muffins are also available!!


Our tarts are available in three sizes, to feed a few or a crowd!

Chocolate Silk - A rich chocolate tart in a chocolate crust. The filling thicker than a mousse

Cherry Almond (With cherries and slivered almonds on top) - filling is made with almond paste filling similar to marzipan with cherries mixed in. no custard.

Apricot Almond (with pieces of plum and pistachios) - filling is made with almond paste similar to marzipan with pieces of plum mixed in. no custard.

Pecan -  A gooey pecan filling topped with pecans. Similar to pecan pie, but in a tart shell

Coconut Cream - A whipped cream filling with toasted coconut on top

Cherry Cheese - A creamy cheese filling with cherries in syrup on top

Blackberries and Cream - A chocolate crust with a mix of pastry cream and whipped cream filling and blackberries on top

French Apple - An applesauce filling with apple slices on top

Key Lime - A thick key lime custard finished with limes and pomegranate seeds

Raspberry Peach - A creamy custard filling with slices and pear and raspberry sauce on top

Chocolate Cream - A chocolate mousse filling with whipped cream and finished with chocolate shavings on top

Banana Chocolate Cream - A chocolate mousse filling with a layer of bananas and chocolate whipped cream on top

Mixed Fruit -  A creamy custard filling with mixed fruits on top

Lemon Mousse - A lemon custard topped with lemon mousse finished with candied lemon rind

Lemon Blueberry - A lemon curd topped generously with fresh blueberries



Below is a list of our delectable pies, order ahead or pick up one today!

Available Now :

Double Crust Apple - Our take on the classic apple pie, moist apples nestled between two buttery rich crusts. 

Apple Crumb -- A variation on the classic with a cinnamon and oatmeal crumble on top!

Cherry - Traditional cherry pie made with sour cherries, juicy and delicious!

Crimson - A bright red mix of cherries, plums, strawberries, cranberries and raspberries. Simply delicious.

Ginger Mango - A unique mix of ginger and mango made from fresh mangos and candied ginger. This fruit pie will leave you looking for more!

Blackberry Apple - A delicious twist on the apple pie, with blackberries.With a delicate design imprinted on the top of this double crusted pie

Summer Medley - An exciting mix of all your favorite summer fruits! Includes :peaches, cherries, rhubarb, blueberries and strawberries

Peach - A delectable double crust pie with juicy peaches inside

Strawberry Rhubarb - A summer classic topped with a lattice crust

Blueberry - A double butter crust filled with blueberries!

Seasonal Options:

Dutch Apple - An apple and custard pie, one bite and it will be the next family favorite

Pecan - A rich and gooey pecan pie in a butter crust

Chocolate Pecan - Chunks of chocolate are incorporated into a rich and gooey pecan pie

Apple Cranberry - A mix of sweet and tart to wow you

Buttermilk Chess - This buttermilk custard pie is a southern classic, and Mary Louise's favorite!

Fall Medley - A spicy mix of apples, pears, plums, cranberries and walnuts between two buttery crusts.



We offer a large selection of house favorites listed below, but don't hesitate to mix and match from our customer menu to create your own combinations. Choose your own cake, frosting and sprinkles. You can even get flowers! 

We accept full size and mini cupcake orders with 36 to 48 hours notice.

Some orders require a minimum of 12 and can incur decorating fees.


Sprinkle - A classic cupcake for every occasion available in both full size and mini.  Delicious in either yellow or dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream or fudge frosting and topped with seasonal sprinkles. Place a custom order to switch up the frostings, dye them or to choose your own sprinkles!

Brooklyn Blackout - A decadent dark chocolate cupcake with a smooth chocolate pudding filling and a rich fudge frosting and topped with tons of cake crumbs.

Red Velvet - A buttery cake with a hint of cocoa dyed a rich red, frosted with a cream cheese frosting and topped with a sprinkle of cake crumbs.

Carrot - A delicious nutty carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting decorated with a classic carrot design.

Marble - A Swirl of our two classic flavors - yellow and dark chocolate frosted with a combination of vanilla buttercream and fudge twirled together and topped with chocolate curls.


Any time, but not all the time!

Coconut - A coconut cake straight out of a 1950's cake walk with our old fashion coconut frosting.

Latte - A white cake with decadent espresso pudding filling and frosted with espresso buttercream.

Banana - A moist banana cake, frosted with cream cheese frosting and decorated with flowers and sugar bees!

Spring and Summer

Lemon Cloud- A lemon cake filled with a tart lemon curd, frosted with a smooth lemon buttercream and decorated with a assortment of yellow daisies with green leaves

Strawberry Blossom - A buttery pink velvet cake filled with our housemade strawberry jam and frosted with a pink strawberry cream cheese frosting made by combining our cream cheese frosting and housemade jam and decorated to look like a large daisy-like flower


Pumpkin - A spicy pumpkin cake topped with a creamy pumpkin cream cheese frosting.


Customized Decorations


We are proud to offer customers many ways to specialize their cake!

Please keep in mind our hard working cake decorators take extra time to make your cake special and that means many designs will have a decorators fee associated!

If you see a photo here on the website that you love, give us a call and one of our counter associates can take your order. Simply ask for it by the title beneath the picture. Every cake we make is one of a kind, so let us know if there are details you want included.


Customary - no extra charge

Flowers - hand drawn in buttercream. The choice in flower is at the decorators’ discretion, if you have a special flower or theme in mind they can use that to guide them. Some ideas are, pastels, summer flowers, pinks, blues, small, large. Looking for a cake completely covered in flowers? Keep in mind; this will be an extra charge!

Piping - a decorative frosting edge added to the top of the cake

Sprinkles - we have a large selection of sprinkles, and you can add them anyway you like!

Balloons - hand drawn in buttercream to make a festive birthday cake

Inscription - We are always happy to add a message to your cake, you can order ahead or come in and get a cake written on today! This can be added to any cake for no extra charge

Buttercream ribbons - our decorators can wrap a flat butter cream ribbon around your cake for an elegant look, this can be combined with flowers, balloons etc


Specialized - decorators fee applies


Rosettes - The whole surface of the cake is covered in swirled flowers similar to a simple, flat rose

Polka Dots - hand drawn polka dots on top of the cake. You can request color groups, but not color matching.

Ombre - the frosting on your cake has graded hues of a single color

Textured cakes - you can ask for a special texture to your cake, smooth, rustic

Religious- we can draw a simple religious symbol on top of your cake to celebrate any special occasion.

Extra Flowers - An extra fee applies if you want your cake completely covered, or want a lot of flowers on the side

Dying Buttercream -- We charge a fee per color of your choice if you want to dye the frosting of your cake

Toppers - We have a large selection of toppers that our counter associates are happy to show you. you can also bring your own topper and we will gladly decorate your cake to match the theme with grass or borders etc. 

French Dots - A classic design

The photos below are examples of cakes we have done before to help guide you through the various decorating options we offer, Please use this as a guide when placing your order over the phone or in stores. No need to send the photo, our experienced counter staff will know what you need from the title!

Ladybird Weddings

Please contact Melanie at to find out more.



Here's what Janet H. had to say about our her experience on Yelp!

"The cake we had at our tasting was sooo good and the cake was one of the most reasonably priced cakes we found anywhere! We also chose to get some extra goodies for our dessert table, mini cupcakes and bars and things, and everything was delivered to the venue in Manhattan safely and on time! Our florist provided the flowers and the cake looked exactly as I'd imagined, and tasted glorious - all of our guests thought so too! The strawberry blossom, almond princess and brooklyn blackout were our three flavors, and they were all SO GOOD!! Thank you Melanie and Ladybird, you guys are the best!!"


We offer plenty of options for almost any holiday! Check in here, or stop in to the store to see what we have in stock!



1. How do I order a cake or any other custom or advance order?
All orders must be placed either over the phone or in person. We are not able to accept orders by e-mail. A valid credit card is required for al orders placed by phone.

2. How far in advance do I need to place my order?
We require 48-to-72 hours advance notice for orders. All weekend orders must be place by Thursday. Please be aware that orders from our holiday menus usually require extra advance notice.

3. What is Ladybird's cancellation policy?
48-hours notice is required for a full-refund. We reserve the right to retain a 50% portion of any order that is not cancelled within this timeframe. We are not responsible for late or forgotten pickups.

4. Does Ladybird deliver or ship?
Due to our small staff size, we are unable to offer either of these services at this time.

5. What sort of decorations are included in my cake order?
All specialty cakes come standard with that cake's signature design. Substitutions are available upon request and are assessed an additional fee. All custom cakes come complimentary with either a flower or balloon design and an inscription.

6. Can I get a drawing or special design on my cake?
We are limited in what we can offer. We are happy to customize your cake with specially selected colors, or by applying specialty toppers supplied by you. Please speak with a counter person to find out more about what we have to offer!

7. Does Ladybird offer shaped or three-dimensional cake designs?
No, we do not offer shaped cakes at this time. However, tiered cakes are available upon request.

8. Does Ladybird ever decorate with fondant?
No, we do not use fondant for any of our cakes. All decorations are rendered in buttercream -- which is far more delicious!

9. Can Ladybird accommodate for allergies or special dietary needs?
Because we are such a small operation, all products are prepared in the same kitchen -- with the same appliances, tools and surfaces. While we do our best to maintain as clean a workspace as possible, we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are free from contact with nuts or soy. If you'd like to know whether a particular item contains nuts and/or any other allergen, please contact us directly over the phone or in person. Dairy-free cakes can be ordered with advance notice; however we are unable to offer vegan or gluten-free items at this time.

10. Does Ladybird accept recipe substitutions? For example, would I be able to order a Carrot Cake without nuts?
No, we are not able accept any substitutions.

CBS New York's Brooklyn’s 5 Best Bakeries:

Ladybird Bakery

1112 8th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

(718) 499-8108


Ladybird Bakery has been the spot of delicious desserts for over 15 years now–originally as the first Two Little Red Hens. The case is full of classic sweets like chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter cookies. But this shop is famous for it’s Brooklyn Black Out cake: layers of dark chocolate cake separated by chocolate pudding covered by decadent chocolate frosting.