1. How do I order a cake or any other custom or advance order?
All orders must be placed either over the phone or in person. We are not able to accept orders by e-mail. A valid credit card is required for al orders placed by phone.

2. How far in advance do I need to place my order?
We require 48-to-72 hours advance notice for orders. All weekend orders must be place by Thursday. Please be aware that orders from our holiday menus usually require extra advance notice.

3. What is Ladybird's cancellation policy?
48-hours notice is required for a full-refund. We reserve the right to retain a 50% portion of any order that is not cancelled within this timeframe. We are not responsible for late or forgotten pickups.

4. Does Ladybird deliver or ship?
Due to our small staff size, we are unable to offer either of these services at this time. Exceptions are applied only to wedding cakes.

5. What sort of decorations are included in my cake order?
All specialty cakes come standard with that cake's signature design. Substitutions are available upon request and are assessed an additional fee. All custom cakes come complimentary with either a flower or balloon design and an inscription.

6. Can I get a drawing or special design on my cake?
We are limited in what we can offer. We are happy to customize your cake with specially selected colors, or by applying specialty toppers supplied by you. Please speak with a counter person to find out more about what we have to offer!

7. Does Ladybird offer shaped or three-dimensional cake designs?
No, we do not offer shaped cakes at this time. However, tiered cakes are available upon request.

8. Does Ladybird ever decorate with fondant?
No, we do not use fondant for any of our cakes. All decorations are rendered in buttercream -- which is far more delicious!

9. Can Ladybird accommodate for allergies or special dietary needs?
Because we are such a small operation, all products are prepared in the same kitchen -- with the same appliances, tools and surfaces. While we do our best to maintain as clean a workspace as possible, we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are free from contact with nuts or soy. If you'd like to know whether a particular item contains nuts and/or any other allergen, please contact us directly over the phone or in person. Dairy-free cakes can be ordered with advance notice; however we are unable to offer vegan or gluten-free items at this time.

10. Does Ladybird accept recipe substitutions? For example, would I be able to order a Carrot Cake without nuts?
No, we are not able accept any substitutions.